Our dances

Hanky Dances:
Name Unique Figure
Bonny Green OY,FU,WR,WH,WR. WR1=4sp, WR2= 2UC Fin in.
Buxton’s Court Cnr. Dance. 2css, hcb-j. å Rnds – 4sp/UC
Crooked Postmaster T4-B4-T4: 1&4 2css rnd 2uc hb 1&3 oss in/out 2uc hb. In 3’s at end finish crown
Crow on the Willow 1 cnr/ch. 4css, 4PC, all sal. 4PC. Fin in
 Dolphin Cnrs 4PC 2OSS 2CSS 4PC etc x 3.   1,4,5 always Q:1½ in/ ½ out/ -rpt.  2,3,6 always P & opposite. Fin in.
Glorishears As many as will. Stamp & clap. “Hey up” to finish
Maid of the Mill Link Hankies. 2css, 4PC, HH (top/ov, Bot/und)
Kyte’s Pond 1st 2ossR, 2nd join 2ossL, 3rd 2ossR/ 2nd 1st 3rd / 3rd 1st 2nd Fin in
Lumps of Plum Pudding css faceup, HH: css f/down, HH
Muriel Dashwood For many. L – oss over, L-oss back, ½ FU.
Old Woman tossed up  4 css facing, HH. Repeat. Finish up
Paddy O’Doors Face across, odds/evens 4OSSR, 4OSSL swap sides, 2CSS face out, 4PC -> music,HH
Portway Prs seq. face up. 2css, 4pc, cast to btm. NEW: 2+4 UC out
Saturday Night  2oss out, 4PC, 2css, 1UC to pass, 4PC (down out)
Scottish Dance Figs – FU, HR, FD, WR,  WH. 4css cross, 4PC turn, 2sp or 2UC through middle, 4PC turn
Trunkles Seq. Crns. 2css, hcb, sp, kick: 4sp/4UC to dia, hcb fin after hey
Tinker’s Ditch 1<> 3, 2<>4, 5<>6, round r/l/r shldr, 2-4sp/4PC turn
Len Berry FU, each bar, 1st turn up, then 2nd, 3rd, etc, 4 PC turn out, 1/2 hey, rpt to place
Stick Dances:
Name Unique Feature
Tom Collins Mixer Stk: rB rT 2ov with opp. Rpt 1&3, 2&5, 4&6 @45° H H
Forest Feathers (#1)  4(Xst), 2(3X’s), rB,rT,2E,rB,rT,2O
Nuts & Berries (#2) 3rB, 3rT, 4(Xst), 3lB, 3lT, 4PC
Hollow Tree  NoX, 1,4,5 offer,4sp  round P,4pc.o2, 3tapE,u2,o2:o2, 3tapO,u2,o2
Molly Minns Stick (Und 1st) 2un,2ov, 2 (Xst), pause X HH.
Woodstock Gap Opp, top 4,HH: top 4, opp, HH. rB,rT,2X/pause,
 Peter’s Cross 2ov, 2xst, 2ov, 2xst: 1st cnrs 4ds to diag: all 4pcQ;P;Q
 Flight’s Mill for 8. Tp & Bt 4 2X, opp 2Xst,mid 2X, opp 2Xst rpt. Fin in