John Gasson Jig Competition, Sidmouth 2012

Here’s a link to our award-winning jig, performed by Ben Higgs and Tommy Knowland:

Find this and more at:-


KMM Sidmouth bowties

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KMM + S&B @ Muddy Duck, Hethe

KMM dance Len Berry at Muddy Duck, Hethe


Our fame precedes us…. poster for our appearance at Trigger Pond, Bucknell

Eynsham Morris at the Nut Tree, Murcott


Lamb Ale slideshow by Andrew Leahy

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May Day danceout


May 1st – dancing The Dolphin outside what was once The Dolphin pub, now the Dashwood Hotel

Sidmouth Folk Festival

Kirtlington Morris are looking to attend Sidmouth Folk Festival in early August thus year.